30th May 2018

Visit from Aarons Aquarium!

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On the way back from @aquaexpo we decided it pop in to @tees_reef_aquatics I’d seen this company post on Facebook and had the honour of meeting Tee last year at Aqua Telford but didn’t really know what to expect when I got there.

The Sat Nav brought me to what looked to be a residential address but I couldn’t see a shop anywhere. I noticed a sign on the garden wall of a house, so I knocked on the front door asking, “Is this Tees Reef?” The lady told me it was around the back of the house. When walking around I saw what looked to be a shed. I thought to myself “I’ve drove all this way to visit a shed.” WELL AM I GLAD I DID. The feeling when walking inside can only be compared to seeing the inside of the TARDIS in Doctor Who. The inside is MIND BLOWING. The layout, The Live stock selection, The Dry goods choice, puts some “Bricks and Mortar” shops to shame. Tee himself was an absolute gentlemen offering us refreshments on arrival and he was super polite.

I walked out of Tees Reef smiling. This place is one you simply must visit. The range of emotions you feel visiting this place is immense. The initial deflation when you think “It’s just a shed.” To the Massive pump and excitement you feel when you walk through the door and realise “OH MY GOD THIS IS NOT JUST A SHED” This combined with the salivating Joy of seeing stunning fish and coral, makes Tees Reef a must visit for any Saltwater hobbyists. #AaronsAquarium

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