9th May 2018

New Stock – 9/5/2018

New delivery in today, if there are any of theses you would like for your tank, please give us a call to check we still have them in stock!

Klenini Butterfly

Purple Queen Anthias Female

Tube Worm Orange

Yellow Wrasse

Pencil Wrasse
Six Line wrasse
Spot Fin Wrasse Female
Carpenter Wrasse

Leopard Puffer

Yellow Tail Blenny
Red Spotted Goby
Tail Spot Blenny
Flame Scallop
Turbo Snail

Clown Trigger






Yellow Angel

Flag Fin Angel

Regal Angel

Emperor Angel






Porcupine Puffer

Longnose Hawkfish

Lineatus Fairy Wrasse
Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse
Pink Anthias
Anemones Crab

Sunburst Anthias

Lipstick Tang

Striped Bristletooth Tang


Red Line Wrasse

Smalltail Wrasse

Blue Dotted Black Blenny

Scissortail Goby

Starry Blenny

Picture Wrasse
Fire Fish Goby

Orange Spotted File Fish

Powder Brown Tang

Red Scallop

Brown Sand Starfish
Sexy Shrimp

Blue Face Trigger

Blue Line Trigger

Purple Wrasse

Pink & Blue Spotted Goby

Square Anthia






















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