30th May 2018

Visit from Aarons Aquarium!

From: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjXQmJbBtJB/?igref=ogexp&utm_source=fb_www_attr On the way back from @aquaexpo we decided it pop in to @tees_reef_aquatics I’d seen this company post on Facebook and had the honour of meeting Tee last year at Aqua Telford but didn’t really know what to expect when I got there. The Sat Nav brought me to what looked to be […]

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23rd May 2018

New Stock – 23/5/2018

A new delivery of stock has just landed at Tees Reef! Not only Fish, but new coral this time too! Rock Beauty Angel Royal Gramma Blue Chromis Sunshine Damsel Pastel Zebra Jawfish Neon Goby Kleini Butterfly Purple Queen Anthias Tube Worm (Orange) Yellow Wrasse Pencil Wrasse Six Line Wrasse Spot Fin Wrasse Carpenter Wrasse Leopard […]

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9th May 2018

New Stock – 9/5/2018

New delivery in today, if there are any of theses you would like for your tank, please give us a call to check we still have them in stock! Klenini Butterfly Purple Queen Anthias Female Tube Worm Orange Yellow Wrasse Pencil Wrasse Six Line wrasse Spot Fin Wrasse Female Carpenter Wrasse Leopard Puffer Yellow Tail […]

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